Prepared for battle

In Wedding on January 20, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Monday was a day of preparing myself for second semester. In order to triumph another semester, I stocked up on weapons of mass destruction (in this case, food) to battle the future hunger attacks while at school.

The grocery store I frequent is a few blocks (ok 12) down from where I live, so I bundled up and walked across campus. The evening lights were beautiful…here is a picture of my scenic route:

I loaded up my grocery cart with ammunition (food) and had it delivered for free (another perk of not having a car in the city). While walking home, I passed The Hungarian Pastry Shop again and the sweet aroma of the shop enticed me to go back inside. I ended up purchasing a few of their treats for good luck on the semester: (why in ziploc bags, you ask? Keep reading)

So here is what I purchased this week:

Grains/Starches: cereal, bread, rosemary crackers, potatoes, canned pumpkin, hot cereal, polenta, rice pilaf, gnocchi, and sourdough baguette hidden behind. 

Produce: apples, zucchini, more apples, onions, stone fruits, tomato, eggplant, mixed greens, and cucumber.  

Meats/Dairy: Romano cheese, frozen scallops, egg whites, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, smoked salmon, and organic chemical-free ham.

Nonperishable/pantry: balsamic vinegar, powerade, chicken broth, canned tomatoes, coconut water, black bean dip, and larabars.  

Others/dessert: shortbread cookies, vitamuffins, chocolate peanut butter, some foreign digestive cookies, orange cookies, and baked goods from Hungarian.   

Yes, I am a big fan of sweets and I believe in the mantra “everything in moderation.” Eating what I love and never depriving myself is my secret to health (holistically speaking) and maintaining a healthy weight. As I mentioned in my previous post, I look forward to evenings with my cup of tea and dessert after dinner. I believe one can consume anything and everything as long as portions are in moderation. Thus, the treats I purchased at the pastry shop are portioned into ziploc bags. The ziploc bags allow me to freeze them and take one serving out to enjoy, not all five in one sitting. As well, in order to unfreeze them –> I have to microwave them –> requiring me to make a conscious choice that –> what I am about to consume will be mindfully and slowly enjoyed (not random reach-for-it snacking). Well, today is Thursday and let’s just say the freezer is almost empty 😉

I also prepped some food for the next day by roasting some potato wedges and zucchini  (before and after):  Simply chop the vegetables and put it in the pre-heated oven that has been set on broil. Roast for 10 minutes. I usually like to add some herbs or spices. Thyme, rosemary, cajun, paprika, dried onion, and white pepper are great to have in your cupboard always. I also made some seafood soup and brown rice:

The soup is very simple! First, defrost a bag of frozen mixed seafood, sautee 1 chopped onion, add garlic, pepper, and whatever veggies you have handy. I added some sprouts, mushroom, and spinach. I cooked the brown rice in chicken broth, but if you have any frozen peas/corn/carrots or anything, that is a great addition too. A couple of meals from this week already: potato wedges with eggs and soup. The great thing about soup is that it can last a few days, perfect for anyone with a busy schedule.  

Here is also a random assortment of other foods that I’ve been munching on.  First, a chef salad to-go from my school cafeteria (sorry, blurry phone pic), chopped up cantaloupe from home, a Greek yogurt+pureed pumpkin+cinnamon combo snack, a chickpea salad from Cafe Bagutta where I frequently visit to study, and leftover steamed vegetables from last Friday’s dinner:

Some snacks include: a Ghiradelli chocolate for dessert, crackers with peanut butter (X6), Herbalife protein bar, yogurt+Kashi cereal combo, fruit, and pudding w/ rosemary wafers.   Last but not least, my roommate who just returned from Colombia (the country), brought me back a little dessert! It’s a tiny serving of caramel pudding. So thoughtful of her. She has been teaching me Spanish all last semester in preparation for my dream of traveling abroad one day 😉 Anyway, please come back for lots of cool, upcoming posts! What’s coming up? My Manhattan half-marathon recap this coming weekend, a scientific and non-scientific explanation for sugar cravings, nutrition product reviews, and more restaurant reviews! Finally, I will be attending the SCAN Symposium conference: Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (American Dietetics Association) from March 11-13th. If anyone is interested in attending, please email me at!

  1. OMG my mom is Hungarian and when we went to NYC we went to that pastry shop! holy yum it was divine. My fave was the poppy seed pastry! You got such amazing groceries, I want 🙂

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