Greece not Grease

In Wedding on January 21, 2011 at 7:38 am

On Thursday, I attended the graduate school’s health department party.

I gratefully enjoyed the free appetizers while conversing with professors (I mainly listened) about our latest health care rights, the cons of Wal-Mart entering Manhattan, and the F.D.A’s newest approval of testing Alzheimer’s. I also caught up with my classmates on what we did over holiday break. My friend just returned from Rome and Greece and shared about her wonderful vacation. O Greece…one day.

Speaking of Greece, I could not get my mind off of Mediterranean food…and guess what I had for dinner? Yes. My friend and I ordered take-out from a Mediterranean restaurant on the upper east side called Pyramida.

I ordered a mezze platter with side salad on the right and my friend ordered a lamb sandwich.

This morning I headed out at 7AM and saw this outside:

Tomorrow is the Manhattan half-marathon and temperatures say it will be 12F. I’m going to have to bundle up…

Anyway, I headed out to grab coffee and some breakfast. I am doing my best to consume plenty of carbs for tomorrow. I love H&H Midtown bagels and wanted to try something new (tofu, scallion, or cinnamon cream cheese?) but I went with my favorite because it was what I was craving: bagel lox with cheese, capers, and veggies.  

I am looking forward to the weekend. Do you have any fun plans?

  1. i got 1st degree the moment i stepped outside and was well on the way to 2nd degree before i got to the office…

  2. Oh no, that’s such bad luck for the race:( Do you think they will cancel it? Good luck if you decide to still do it!

  3. Yuck. That’s what it looks like here too such a mess. Stay warm!


    ps I live off of Dermalogica products year round however I keep the Ultracalming mist & cleanser in my bag at all times LOL

  4. The mediterranian food looks great! Wow a half in such cold temps would be tempting to drop out of…but if you’ve trained for it, I say just bundle up and give it your best! Good luck! Can’t wait to read about it 🙂

  5. WOW, 12F!!! I ran on Sat night and it was 27F and I was sooo cold! Kudos to you girl, hope you did great!

    Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

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